Levels & Benefits

Areas of Giving

Ensure our Jayhawk student-athletes continue to perform at the highest levels athletically, academically and in the community through a gift to the Williams Education Fund. Gifts are 100 percent tax deductible if you waive all points and benefits. All gifts, regardless of size, make a difference!

A pledge, or committed donation amount, may be directed in writing or full payment to:


This is the preferred method of giving as it allows Kansas Athletics the most latitude to fund the areas of greatest need and provide Jayhawk student-athletes with the resources necessary to be champions.


Toward tuition, fees, room, board and books for our student-athletes. This year, Kansas Athletics will award over $15.5 million in scholarships. Gifts in support of Williams Education Fund Scholarships allow our talented student-athletes to receive a first-class education at the University of Kansas.

Increased Giving Incentive

A new/increased unrestricted or scholarship pledge amount that is above the previous year, which is allocated toward scholarships, results in DOUBLE PRIORITY POINTS 

Margin of Excellence

Sport-specific gifts directed towards sport operating expenses but do not provide scholarship support.


Goods or services that are budget-relieving and pre-approved by the Athletics Director.


Priority System

The priority point system is an equitable way to determine priority for season tickets and reserved parking.  Members receive priority points for various areas of support. Priority points accumulate over the account’s history but are only activated for accounts with a minimum $100 (Outland Level) membership.

Members are ranked by their membership level and then by their priority point total within each membership level. Once all members are in the correct order, all are assigned a “Select-A-Seat” appointment to choose season ticket location out of available seat inventory.

Kansas Athletics reserves the right to modify and revise priority ticket and parking policies annually with approval from the Chancellor.

Bonus Priority Point Incentive

The Williams Education Fund understands the importance of priority points to our members; it is what separates donors within their membership level for benefits. Due to the positive response to this incentive, we are continuing the Bonus Priority Point Incentive through the 2022 Fund Drive. By paying your 2022 annual pledge in full by October 1, 2022, OR setting up a monthly payment plan (by 10/1/22) to pay your pledge in full by 2/28/23, you will receive the bonus points assigned with your 2022 membership level. One-time incentive points for auto renewing your pledge for future fund drives will follow the same priority point structure.


Referral Program

No matter where you chant “Rock Chalk,” you can help us build upon the success we have come to know and love as Jayhawks. Invest in the future of Kansas Athletics by referring a new member to the Williams Education Fund family. We want to reward our loyal donors, as the referring donor will receive points (as listed to the right) when the referral pledge is paid in full. The new member receives double points immediately upon pledging.

Invest in the future of Kansas Athletics by referring a new member to the Williams Education Fund. Memberships begin for as little as $100 a year!

  • Must be a new account or an inactive account from the previous fund drive year.
  • Points added to existing account member and only one existing account can receive credit per new account
  • Points added to existing account member upon receipt
Hall of Fame200 pts
Champion100 pts
Olympian75 pts
All-American40 pts
Legend20 pts
MVP10 pts
Rock Chalk4 pts
Jayhawk2 pts
Crimson & Blue/Outland1 pts