Ticket Assurance Plan

Kansas Athletics 2020-21 Ticket Assurance Plan

Kansas Athletics has implemented the following ticket assurance plan for Williams Education Fund donors and fans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If seasons are cut short, games are cancelled, postponed, or played with restricted fan access that prevents you from using your tickets, you will be able to exercise any of the following options at the conclusion of the respective seasons for games impacted:

Option 1
Reinvest Your Season Ticket Commitment

  • Transfer the ticket balance to the Williams Education Fund to support the Jayhawk Relief Fund for a deductible donation (please consult your tax advisor)
  • Support over 500 Kansas student-athletes during these challenging times
  • Receive two complimentary fan cutouts to be placed in Allen Fieldhouse for those that opt out of men’s basketball and convert their full season ticket payment to an additional donation.
  • Exclusive invitation to the Jayhawk Relief Fund Recognition Event (Donations at or above $2,500)
  • If eligible, entry into 20% for 2020 experiences
  • Recognition on WilliamsFund.com

Option 2
Defer your season ticket payment to next season

  • Receive a prorated credit to your account for 2021-22 football or men’s basketball ticket purchases
  • Maintain support of over 500 Kansas student-athletes

Option 3

  • Request a prorated refund from Kansas Athletics for the games impacted

All accounts, regardless of level, that maintain or increase their membership level for the 2021 fund drive will have the ability to keep their 2020 ticket locations for Football & Men’s Basketball (SALY).
As for Williams Education Fund donations, the following scenarios apply:

  1. If games are canceled, postponed or played with restricted fan access that prevents donors from using their tickets (and they receive no benefits), donations may become deductible and tax receipts will be available upon request. Please consult with your tax advisor regarding deductibility.
  2. For donors who do not feel comfortable attending 2020-21 games (football, volleyball, men’s/women’s basketball, baseball), and do not wish to purchase tickets, they may hold their seats for the 2021-22 seasons as long as they maintain or increase their 2020 membership level. Donors need to waive points and all benefits to have their donation become tax deductible. As always, please consult with your tax advisor regarding deductibility.
  3. Donors who choose not to renew their seats but still make their annual contribution, please notify your Williams Fund account representative to ensure your seats are held for next season.

Kansas Athletics and our student-athletes continue to rely on your loyalty and support in these uncertain times – Thank you!