KU Football Ticket Credit

We appreciate your support of Kansas Football this season. Please fill out and submit the form in the link below to help us process your existing football ticket credit. You can refer to our ticket assurance plan for more details on the available options.

  • Donate credit to the Jayhawk Relief Fund and receive priority points.
  • Donate credit to the Jayhawk Relief Fund as a tax-deductible gift and waive priority points.
  • Reinvest credit to next year’s season tickets.
  • Receive your credit as a refund to the same method of payment used to purchase.

Please complete the form below by December 23rd, when completing the form please use your correct Account Name & Account Number. Feel free to contact your Williams Education Fund representative if you have any questions. If you do not reply with your preference by December 23rd we will automatically apply your existing credit to football season tickets next year. Thank you again for your continued support of our student-athletes!