Endowments & Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Invest in the Jayhawk Tradition of Excellence

A gift supporting Kansas Athletics can match your passion with your philanthropy. With a planned gift, you may be able to create more opportunities and give more back than you think possible. Planned giving integrates your charitable goals with your financial, tax and estate planning goals. These gifts can reduce taxes on your income and estate, resulting in larger gifts. Many planned gifts bring additional advantages, such as steady, secure income. Designating KU Endowment in your will or estate plans to benefit Kansas Athletics is a significant step in cementing your legacy with KU, now and forever.

Types of Planned Gifts


The most common form of deferred gift.

Retirement Plan Assets

Consider naming KU Endowment as one of the beneficiaries of part or all of your retirement plan to avoid income and estate taxes on those retirement plan assets. Contact your plan administrator for a beneficiary designation form. KU Endowment will then collect the documentation necessary to administer your plan assets on behalf of and for the benefit of Kansas Athletics.

Life Income Gifts

Life income gifts (trusts, annuities, etc.) can provide steady income for yourself or a loved one, then provide a significant gift supporting Kansas Athletics with the remaining assets. These can be funded with cash, securities or other assets. This type of giving may provide tax benefits.

Life Insurance

You can name KU Endowment as full or partial beneficiary of a percentage or a specific amount of your policy to benefit Kansas Athletics.

If you have designated KU Endowment as a beneficiary of a deferred gift, supporting Kansas Athletics, please let us know so we may recognize you and ensure we understand what you would like to accomplish with your gift. If you prefer to remain anonymous, KU Endowment will absolutely honor your intentions. The Elizabeth M. Watkins Society recognizes individuals who have developed estate plans at KU Endowment for the benefit of any entity at the University of Kansas, including Kansas Athletics. For more information, please contact our Williams Education Fund team by email at: wef@ku.edu.